I have been reading your book, ‘Boy’, and have found it to be most enjoyable. Your stories of your life at school have been very interesting. I recently read a chapter ‘Miss Parachutes Revenge’ it was interesting to know what she had done, because you and your friends did something to her I cannot remember what but she must have deserved it. All that pain you had to go through.

I would like to share with you a time in my life that was frightening. It all started when I went over sea and I was walking past a school than my auntie convinced my mum to take us to that school. On the first day I went to that school they were pretty nice. On the second week I was reading, because the teacher tolled us read then he wacked me with a plastic stick it was painful but I did not cry. I just complained to my mum when I got back every day if I saw something happen there witch did.


Asha Mohamed